City of Clarkston Recycling Update:  New Waste Management Recycling Bin Pickup Date


Update: The City received the following from Waste Management: “Equipment failure has delayed the recycling cart collection this week. Waste Management will be collecting recycling carts this Monday, January 20, 2020.”


The City of Clarkston is actively seeking a solution to curbside recycling services that will look for the best options possible including resuming the service as soon as possible.  In the interim the City will coordinate and establish a temporary recycling location (likely at 40 Oaks Nature Preserve) by the end of this month. 


The City made the decision to discontinue curbside recycling for three (3) main reasons: 


(1) A proposed 20% cost increase by Waste Management;

(2) Waste Management advising the City that a very large percentage of recycling collected ends up in the landfill due to contamination;

(3) Significant changes in the recycling industry (world-wide) that have significantly increased costs due to fewer countries importing US recycling materials combined with fewer companies reusing paper, aluminum/tin cans, and plastics due to increased costs and fewer profits. 


The City will continue to actively pursue vendors/companies to reconvene a recycling solution that adequately recycles the materials instead of ending up in the landfill.