Clarkston Downtown Development Authority - Seeking Applicants

The City of Clarkston has extended the application time frame to seek qualified applicants to serve on the Clarkston Downtown Development Authority.  Applications will be received thru February 18, 2020.

Two non-council member positions are available for appointment. 

Two Council member and two non-council member positions were appointed at the December 3, 2019 Council Meeting. 

DOWNLOAD the CDA Application  along with a letter of interest and resume or statement of qualifications, via email to Tracy Ashby   OR Complete GoogleDocs Application

On February 13, 2017, the Clarkston City Council adopted a Resolution requesting the Georgia Legislature to create the Clarkston Development Authority (CDA).  On March 22, 2017, the Georgia Legislature adopted a special act (Act No. 134, House Bill 563), creating the CDA that was formally approved and signed into law by the Georgia Governor on May 3, 2017. DOWNLOAD the Adopting Act. 

The Clarkston Downtown Development Authority will exercise various powers to further downtown redevelopment and development, including:  make/execute contracts, agreements or other for construction, leases of projects, contracts for sale of projects, agreements for loans to finance projects; acquire by purchase, lease, or other real and personal property; finance via loan, grant, lease, or other, demolish, erect, assemble, rehabilitate, improve, etc., projects and to pay the cost of said projects from proceeds of revenue bonds, notes, or other obligation or funds of the DDA; borrow money; issue revenue bonds; obtain other governmental grants, loans, or other arrangements; contract with other governments to use facilities or services for a period of up to 50 years; extend credit or make loans for project costs; receive and use tax proceeds for project costs; appoint, select, employ various professionals including engineers, architects, urban/city planners, etc.

The Authority shall be comprised of seven (7) Members as follows:

A.   Two (2) Members shall either be a taxpayer residing in the City of Clarkston or a taxpayer  residing in DeKalb County who owns or operates a business located within the City’ downtown development are.

B.  Two (2) members shall be taxpayers residing in DeKalb County who possess specific knowledge or professional expertise in the field of banking, finance, real estate development, community development or another area of expertise related to economic development.

C.  Three (3) members shall be members of the governing authority of Clarkston.

The Mayor will appoint 2 members and the City Council will appoint the other 2 members.  Terms will be for Four (4) years.